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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Road Block Home -- Requiem of Common Sense?

Requiem of Common Sense?

WHEN in the course of Human events it becomes necessary for the people to re-examine their political leadership, which throughout the decades has exuded excessive evidence of malfeasance, and within the moment of the City of New Orleans’ greatest trial, the stench of superfluous corruption has come to bear to light the significant incompetence of Our elected leaders through time, decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that We the People should declare the causes which impel those leaders to their separation.

Does this paragraph sound vaguely familiar? Yes, you may have read something similar to the above in elementary school, years ago, and perhaps, you may remember from that period of history a man whom we were told chopped down a cherry tree and “could not tell a lie.” The above words are a paraphrase from the opening of the Declaration of Independence. Those words echo in the back of our minds along with the image of public officials who wore powdered wigs and told the truth.

Powdered wigs and truthfulness, these things sound antiquated. Why? Powdered wigs were a fashion of the times; they have become antiquated. Yet integrity in government, an obligation which is owed to the us by our consent to be governed, is not some trend; it should be demanded by us of our peers whom have been elected to serve for the common good of the people.

It is the intention of the authors of this board to examine and exemplify the numerous instances which have become Road Blocks within the proper function of Government.

We, the authors, hold various political philosophies, are members of opposing political parties and are employed in different disciplines. What bonds us are our frustrations, our love for the City of New Orleans and our belief that practical common sense should dictate public policy for the good of all of Louisiana.

We harken back to the Declaration of Independence, the words of Our Forefathers, and realize that it is our obligation, our duty in self-preservation to re-examine our political leadership, discover and underscore the failures, exercise our Right to cast off ineffective government and expel those leaders who mindlessly propel us towards peril.

We hold no leader exempt. We hold no media sacred. We hold no challenge insurmountable. We believe that we must lodge our grievances upon those who obstruct our return to New Orleans. Our common sense, common interests and common beliefs guide our souls in our charge. Our charge is to tear down, eradicate and remove each and every Road Block to our Homes. Our challenge is to enlighten and be enlightened. Justice, which we mandate, will be our reward.


Thursday, December 14, 2006

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